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Michael Thomas Fuller Felker v. Daniel Chapman and Liz Soto
July 2, 2014. $7,000,917.00 Judgment.

Fetters v. County of Los Angeles
December 19, 2013. Over $3,468,000.00 Judgment

Bender v. County of Los Angeles
November 1, 2011. $1,635,185.00 Judgment.

Elam v. City of South Gate
July, 2008. $1,000,000.00 Settlement.

Burns v. City of Los Angeles
March 27, 2008. $290,000.00 Judgment.

Christle v. City of Los Angeles
October 3, 2007. $1,800,000.00 Judgment.

Hernandez v. City of South Gate
Judgment entered August 27, 2007. $15,000,000.00 Judgment.

Van Holt v. City of South Gate
Verdict date March 27, 2006. $4,216,505.00 Verdict and an additional $1,168,000 in fees and costs.

George v. Metrolink, Union Pacific
February 5, 2004. Plaintiff Verdict. Metro Link Commuter Train Accident.

McMurray v. City of Burbank
December 4, 2003. $2,000,000.00 Judgment.

Frieders v. City of Glendale
June 2, 2003. $4,500,000.00 Judgment.

Rolfe v. LA Community College
July 30, 2002. $1,200,000.00 Judgment including punitive damages.

Boctor v. LA County MTA
August 10, 1999. $5,675,132.00 Verdict plus an additional $180,000 in attorneys fees (This was a bench trial.)

Matasaraneu v. City of Los Angeles et al
In this action, Mr. Gage was one of the two defense lawyers in the infamous "North Hollywood Shoot Out" trial. Case Dismissed.

Deming v. Waxman
Verdict rendered in favor of Martita Deming for injuries sustained in an automobile accident when rear ended by defendant Waxman.

Please note, this list does not mean that any particular case has any value. After the appeal was filed, some cases were settled and some were lost, so the actual recovery is different from the verdict or judgment listed above. There is NO GUARANTEE of success for any case and litigation is fraught with uncertainty.


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